Values of Our Services

  • You deserve a wedding that you have dreamt about, and a relax engagement period at the same time, we give all the support you need to plan and design your big day.
  • Our attention to details and strong time management skills will ensure your event to be a successful and long memorable one.
  • Our creative ideas and inspirations will take your wedding or event to the next level, and ensuring your personality is infused into every detail.
  • Legwork and little errands are all ours to save you hundreds of hours for beauty sleep.
  • We are your personal wedding or event financial adviser and manager.
  • We work with the industry’s best, have great relationship with lots of experienced and high quality vendors, ensuring your money spent wisely, high value for money services and products you get
  • We absorb the stress you may have, and free you on the day to enjoy every precious moments.